Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sarah's 2007-2008 Job

I am making a big job change for this next school year. After teaching for 5 years at the middle school level, I was offered a 5th grade teaching position at Bamber Valley Elementary in Rochester, and I decided to take it. It should be an interesting new adventure and challenge for me! I am hoping the job will give me a fresh perspective about teaching in the middle school, as well as open up some new opportunities for me. So, don't bug me this summer! I'm figuring out a whole new curriculum! :) J/k. I'm sure I can use all of the distractions I can get!

New Vehicle

Sarah and I are getting a 2007 Ford Edge SEL on Thursday. I've been working on this deal for over a month now. I'm trying to get Ford Credit to waive the lease acquisition fee. This is annoying to me that I'm being charged $595 extra. They state that it is a standard fee that never gets waived. I guess I've made enough progress in the other negotiations that I will let it go now and pay it.