Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Latest

Well, I'm not really sure where to start tonight. I guess I should begin by saying that we had our ultrasound at Mayo on Friday afternoon. This baby wasn't being terribly cooperative, so now we have some areas that require further examination. Namely, his left hand and his heart. He wasn't positioned well, and he also kept wiggling around so much they couldn't tell for sure that everything is as it should be with his heart, and they never caught sight of all five fingers on his left hand, so that is a bit of a question mark as well. So, all of this to say that we've been referred to a Mayo cardiologist now, and we will be going in for another (that's 6, if you're keeping score) ultrasound to see if they can't rule some potential problems out. This, of course, was not quite what we had anticipated prior to our visit. However, we know that this is not out of God's hands or plan, so we're feeling pretty peaceful about the whole thing. Our next visit at Mayo will happen a week from Monday on 11/5. We'd appreciate any prayers for our developing little guy, as well as that he would cooperate and be positioned well for the next ultrasound. Thanks! Oh! And Ebby- there's still only ONE in there!

Monday, October 22, 2007

An unexpected weekend!

OK- so the weekend itself was expected, but how it turned out was unexpected. We had planned to be in AZ over the "MEA" weekend, but as seems standard for us now, it didn't quite work out. Our flight got delayed, which would have resulted in us missing our connection in Denver. John figured all of this out before we even left the house (but not before we packed and loaded the car). John spoke with the airline, and there was literally no way of getting there on Wednesday anymore, and we wouldn't have been able to get to AZ until about 11am Thursday. We talked it over and decided it was a bust, so we opted for a refund.

We ended up going to dinner at the Macaroni Grill (YUM!), and just spending some good quality time together. It was wonderful! We both got some work done around the house, slept in, and we even got to go up to visit my sister Kristi and her husband Chris north of the Cities on Saturday/ Sunday! What fun! By the way, for the Carlsons who read this-- we did miss you! It was just great to take advantage of some time off. Oh! And my key to the school wouldn't work this weekend, so I literally couldn't do schoolwork- fabulous! :)

In other news... we had another Dr.'s appt. this morning. It was great to hear the little guy's heartbeat. We did get referred to Mayo for a level 2 ultrasound, though, which was unexpected. Apparently because they were unable to clearly see the heart and because they noticed there is only one artery in the umbilical cord (or something like that) they want us to get a closer check on how baby looks and is developing. I don't think it's anything to worry about-- I'm thinking it's more like a precaution. As our friend Jennifer J. said- they refer us there because they CAN. ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We ARE having one BOY!

That's right! The verdict is in!
Today was our "last chance" ultrasound, courtesy of Maureen J. out of the goodness of her heart! I had been advised by various people to drink sugary or caffeinated drinks to get this baby moving this time around, so after school got out I ate a bag of skittles and stopped by Dunn Bros. to get a nice BIG coffee! Yum! Anyhow, Maureen put the wand down and immediately (like in a millisecond) saw the goods. Her exact words: "Oh! You ARE having a boy!" No question this time, folks! It's time to start buying blue...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Parties, Colds, and a Visitor!

OK, so I've been told that I need to post again (just for you, Ebby!). It's been a while again-- it just seems like sometimes our life is too boring to post about. Since last posting I took my students on a neat field trip to the Olmsted County Historical Society- but who really wants to hear about that?

Then I had a combined Tupperware and Tastefully Simple party at my house, which was fun and tasty- but a post?

And then, this past week I was sick with a cold. Boo hoo! :( So let me just say that having a cold when you are pregnant is no fun at all! I wasn't able to take any of my favorite cold meds, so I ended up staying home sick 2 days in a row! I suppose that's why they give teachers sick days, but it was still pretty nasty (and sub plans are downright annoying to make). The good thing about being out of my classroom, however, is that I was able to do a little test run with the sub I might use for my maternity leave. :) Oh, and my kids were awesome for the sub, so that made my day!

OK, so now-- we have a visitor staying at our house. It is our good friend Ron Ray who is here to play drums on the worship team at our church. He's just staying tonight, but we are super excited to have him. Yeah for Ron, but "boo" for not having his wife Ebby here with him! We'll be super happy to hear his amazing drumming abilities at church again, and then we are going out to Famous Dave's for some good eats! Yum- the baby's eating good tonight!

Oh! And speaking of baby... I've been feeling the little one more and more, which has been totally great. It's pretty funny because I couldn't tell whether or not I was actually feeling the baby move until John felt it and asked if that was baby. After paying a little more attention I finally figured out that I was feeling the little one. Very cool feeling to have, and I'm looking forward to some good kicks (remind me later that I was looking forward to this).

Well, that's all for now. This is getting to be a trademark-long-Sarah-post. Hope everyone is doing well!