Friday, June 8, 2007


Yeah! I am getting one full week off -- yes, seven days straight in a row! The last time that happened was July 2006 when we went to Joe and Ange's wedding in Hawaii. I am really looking forward to unwinding and not working. There will be no computer, no email, no voicemail, and no cell phone calls taken during the next week!

In case you are wondering, we are going to Las Vegas and staying in a time share. We reserved this place on May 1, 2006, and it's finally time to go now over a year later. We cashed in some points and miles to get free flights. Unfortunately, we are not flying on the same plane there but we will be on the same one coming home. Sarah needs to finish cleaning up her classroom at school anyway so she can use the extra 12 hours without me around.

See you later.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Irrigation System

We had an irrigation system put in our yard on Wednesday this week. Prior to this we have barely had any rain this spring and I was getting tired of moving hoses around my yard. Since putting it in, it has rained every day. The ground is so wet that I probably won't even get to see the system in action until next week. I guess I shouldn't complain; the free water is nice and my water bill won't be so high this month.

New Vehicle Update

Well, I went through with leasing the 2007 Ford Edge. I was able to get $300 off by complaining to the General Manager of the dealership about the lease acquisition fee. My new strategy is to buy/lease cars on the last day of the month. They were not going to let the deal go because the salesman wanted his commission and the dealership wanted to retain their ranking in the region.