Saturday, March 21, 2009

"Heaven Practice"

We have what my friend Ron calls "Heaven Practice" this weekend at my church. Instead of the normal 3-5 singers leading the praise and worship for the services, we have a big contemporary gospel-type choir with about 30 people. It is so fun to be in, and so awesome to hear. If you're in the area and don't regularly come to Christ Community Church, consider this your invitation to join us this weekend! The services are at 5:30pm Saturday, and 9am and 10:30am Sunday. All services are the same. Maybe I'll see you there!

American Idol- Elimination

So I got to watch this week's episodes on Friday (which means I didn't vote). I was generally unimpressed with most of the performances. I was totally surprised by the elimination, though! I really liked Alexis, and am sad that she didn't at least make it into the touring Top 10.
:( "Jolene" was an AWFUL choice for her though, and even when singing for her life, it sounded horrid. (I personally kept thinking of Brooke singing it last year- loved her rendition!) I'm wondering if they would let them sing the song of their choice when they're "singing for their survival?" Hmmm... We'll have to stay tuned.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

American Idol, anyone?

So, one of my favorite shows in the world is American Idol. And I love to gab about it with others, but don't have a lot of fans at my lunch table. I usually go to Kristi E.'s blog to see what she's said and respond, but I think it's time I start commenting on it here, too.

This year I am enjoying the talent, although I'm not happy with the new way of getting to the top 12 (or 13- whatever). I feel like I missed out on hearing exactly how good or bad the people are, since we only heard each one really one time. But, overall from what I can tell, there is more great talent than last year. Here's my take on each contestant who made it to the "top":

Adam- This season's rocker- this guy can sing, but I just don't like it. Everytime he's on I tend to want to leave the room or fast forward (we have DVR).

Alexis- LOVE her! This girl is a blues-y rocker, and I just generally enjoy her. She could make it to the end if she doesn't really mess up some week.

Allison- Red/pink haired young girl- I'm impressed so far. She can definitely sing, but we'll see how she stands up as the competition continues.

Anoop- I'm SO glad he's in the top 12! I enjoy him, and I think he's a genuine nice guy. However, I'm not sure how his "Boys 2 Men" sound fits in with modern music. I don't think he'll make it to the end.

Danny- The guy who is from Wisconsin and is a church music director- what's not to like?! I've loved him from the beginning. Really genuine, and amazing talent! I predict he'll be there until the end... I'd love to see him take it all! Plus, did you see the clip of him with his family? It was so fun, and his dad totally made me smile.

Jasmine- One of the ones who are out. She was young and had talent, but just was not on the same level as the others. Sweet girl, but it was her turn to go.

Jorge- The other one who is out. He had a really nice voice, and I was disappointed to see him out in the first week. I think there are others who should've been out before him.

Kris- Everybody likes him, but I really don't. He just kinda bugs me. I know he'll be staying for a while, if only because of the teenage girls who will vote for him. I just don't think he has the same talent as some of the other contestants. And have you noticed he sings with a really wide open mouth which makes a perfect O? His mouth looks kind of like a cartoon.

Lil- WOW! This woman has mad skills! She is amazing, and another one I'd love to see go far in the competition. She reminds me of Fantasia.

Matt- A fun, blues-y guy who was dubbed the "piano bar guy." I enjoyed seeing him play this past week, and think he has talent, but I don't see him going all the way.

Megan- The girl who dances funny; in fact I'm surprised the judges don't give her a harder time about this. Her voice is weird, which they keep calling "unique" and "current," but I just don't get her. I'm all about interesting singers, but this one leaves me confused.

Michael- The guy with the dangerous job- I love his back story, but don't think he will be in for long. He's a nice guy with a good voice, but a fair amount of the competition just seem better.

Scott- The blind guy who plays the piano. I don't quite get him. I really don't think he is nearly as good as the rest of the competition. Granted, his piano skills are great, and he has passion and heart, but his vocals are just okay. Plus, I do NOT get his song choices. I hope he is out in the next two weeks (unless he shows GREAT improvement).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Malachi Update

So, thanks for all of the votes for Malachi in the baby contest. He didn't win, but it was fun to show everyone his cute little face. :)

We visited Malachi's cardiologist this morning to find out how his heart's been doing since he went off the oxygen two weeks ago. His Dr. said that things looked exactly the same today as it did two weeks ago, so we're in good shape to keep him off the oxygen!!! Hooray! We'll check back in with him in a month to be sure Malachi's still doing well, but we're very pleased with this latest development. He still has heart problems and issues, but for now they aren't being treated. :)