Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Flies- again!

Hello to all of my friends. I'm sorry there haven't been any recent updates. I kept thinking I should write, but I really had nothing to say. What I wrote in late July still seemed true for me through August! I continued house projects and playing with Malachi, and there was really nothing exciting to report. My computer also died in August, so that complicated matters for updating purposes. Dr. Dad brought the computer back to life, though, and I'm in business again!

Now we're in mid-September. I'd like to believe it's early September, since school just started, but the calendar is telling me a different story. I have to be honest with you, too- the cool summer really messed with my head. Although I normally love the fall and going back to school, I dreaded it this year. That could have been for more than just that reason, but I know the cold didn't help. I am starting to embrace the Fall now, but it's certainly been less of a smooth transition than most years.

I have spent 4 days with my new class- and PTL! I think I'm in for a magnificent year. We really had a fun week filled with smiles and new inside jokes. If you spoke with me over the summer, you know I was dreading teaching 5th grade again, but God knew what I needed, and HE directed the way. I really have a positive outlook after the last two weeks. :)

Another thing that happened in august- I bit the bullet and joined Facebook. I know, I know! I wrote a whole post about how I wouldn't! I found that I wasn't connecting with some friends who had moved away, and that they used Facebook to keep in touch. I figured I would try it. I am certainly not addicted, and am only visiting it about 1-2 times per week, so I'm feeling okay about it. I also am writing a post here on my very own blog, so I haven't abandoned my true love of blogging. :) I think it'll be okay.

Malachi still isn't walking yet, but it's more of a confidence thing, we think. He's practically running when holding on to something, and he can stand if you let go, but as soon as he figures out he's on his own he panics and squats to the ground. He's picking up new words all the time. He likes to say "beh-ba" for belly button and "mou" for mouse. He also loves his mommy and daddy very much, and hates to see them go. He usually gets over it about 2 seconds after we leave, though.

Well, here's hoping that you are finding joy in the Fall season! Here's hoping I also don't wait so long to write again! :) I'll definitely be writing again soon- we took family pictures again, so I'll have new ones to post soon!